Killarney Club Provides Inclusive Space for Gamers

Killarney Secondary's first Gaming Club is off to a great start. Formed two weeks after the start of school this year, the club gives like-minded students a place they can come together during lunch and indulge in their passions for card, video and board games.

Matteo Rinaldo, one of the club's founders, says the Gaming Club now includes 30 students who come from all grade levels. His primary goal in forming the new club was to create a safe and inclusive space for students interested in gaming.

"I started the club because I wanted a place where students that like video, board or card games could come out to hang out with students that shared the same interest. The other reason was because I wanted people to be able to connect at lunch and this was a good solution," says Rinaldo. "Instead of just eating lunch we made it so you hang out with new people and make new friends."

Rinaldo says a particularly big thanks needs to go to Players Wanted Games and Collectibles who donated a number of board games to the new club.

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