Osler MACC Class Shows Off Endangered Animal Projects

On Thursday, November 28 the Grade 4/5 students in a district-wide gifted program at Osler Elementary were invited by Superintendent Steve Cardwell to showcase their science projects on endangered animals at the VSB office.

Enrolled in the district-wide Multi-Age Cluster Classroom (MACC) program for highly able learners, these students spent a busy fall term researching and designing a scientifically accurate and lifelike habitat of an endangered Canadian animal of their choice. Students were also guided by teacher Nolan Webb and teacher candidate Ahmed Rahim to develop a public awareness campaign to engage and inform the general public.

MACCProject-based learning is a cornerstone of the MACC program. Over the course of eight weeks, students conducted independent research at the public library, and managed project deadlines to design and build informative and thought-provoking habitats for their respective animals. The resulting projects showed a deep understanding of key threats, as well as key actions that could be taken to protect these animals.

In the final stage of the project, students created pamphlets, brochures, pins, posters, and other catchy ways to inform the general public outside the offices of the VSB. 

The MACC program provides enrichment, challenge, and critical thinking opportunities for autonomous learning to highly able learners in the district. For more information, please contact the district's gifted education mentor teacher, Marielle Wiesinger.


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