Seniors Tea at Magee: A Holiday Tradition Since 1976

Elders in the Kerrisdale community and Magee Secondary alumni were treated to tea, homemade baked treats and nationally acclaimed music at the Annual Seniors' Tea at Magee.   

The annual holiday event originally started in 1976 was founded by Magee teachers Peter Stigings, Wally Moult and Pat MacIntyre.

The event has always been about giving back by opening Magee's doors and inviting community elders to enjoy the talents of the school. Staff say it is great point of pride for the school, and the students take it to heart.

Stigings says it has always been about community building.

"The Magee Senior Rugby team, coached by teacher Doug Sturrock, would greet the elders at the door. For those elders who were in wheelchairs or walkers, the boys would carry the guests up to the Auditorium then to the Library for the Tea's events!"

"The intent of the event is to offer gratitude to our elder community by providing tea, treats and incredible music!" says current Magee Vice-Principal, Allison Kerr. "The entire school comes together for this event."  

Today, music teachers Chris Haas and Greg Quan continue the legacy of the Senior Tea each December in the Magee Atrium.  

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