Weir Global Leadership Team Helps People Drill for Water

Around 35 Grade 7 students at Weir Elementary are busy supporting people on the other side of the globe to access clean water. Over the course of the school year, the Weir Global Leadership Team has raised over $850 through a variety of initiatives including organizing dances, preparing Easter Fun activities for their primary friends, recycling juice boxes and selling t-shirts with the school's groovy logo.

Weir teacher Vicki Prasad says for the past seven years, the students who have joined the club have learned a lot about scarcity of clean water and how important a well can be to the livelihood of people around the world. She says her students have learned a lot of lessons from their organizing and fundraising efforts.

"The students are building leadership skills, developing collaboration skills, learning to problem solve together, developing life skills such as organizing as well as the importance of making and following through with commitments," said Prasad. 

To learn more about Water Wells for Africa CLICK HERE

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