Fleming Grade 7 Mentors Teach During Hour of Code

On Thursday, December 11, Fleming Elementary Grade 7 students were engrossed in their tablets as they guided their little Grade 1 buddies through the wonders of digital computing. They were among tens of thousands of students around the world participating in the Hour of Code - an international initiative aimed at encouraging students to explore software development and coding.

TeachersThe students were using the program Scratch - designed by MIT to help young people learn the basics of computer programming. Their teacher Christina Walker says they were totally enthusiastic.

"Bringing technology into classrooms really changes levels of engagement," she says. "They don't realize they are learning mathematical concepts. It is a sneaky and wonderful way to teach."

Walker says one of the best parts of Fleming's Hour of Code was the mentorship baked into the activities. Throughout the hour of computer work, younger students were taught and mentored on iPads by their older peers. 

For photos of the the Fleming coders, click here .

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