Adult Ed Student Profile: Orianna Garcia Canto

"I was very scared of going back to school after ten years of graduating from university and I am extremely happy. My English teacher was fantastic! He made the class fun and easy to understand," said Orianna Garcia Canto about her decision to enroll in an Adult Education English class.

Seven years ago, Garcia Canto arrived in Canada needing to claim refugee status after escaping an abusive relationship in Mexico. With only $500 in her pockets, she worked 16-hour days to be able to afford rent so as not to live in a hostel. She cleaned houses, washed dishes in a restaurant in the day, and cleaned the very same restaurant at night. She quickly learned about the different education and employment programs available to her through the help of MOSAIC. Garcia Canto found employment in a caf� initially as a temporary cashier and in less than two years, she was promoted into a management position.

With her strong work ethic, amazing customer service skills, and her natural leadership abilities, Garcia Canto is destined to succeed. However, even though she had a university degree from Mexico and worked professionally in the tourism industry back home, coming to Canada without a Canadian education or work experience was a challenge. With the help of Main Street at Gladstone Adult Education Program, Garcia Canto is on her path to getting the education she needed and achieving her dream of becoming a physiotherapist.

"The ultimate goal is to become a certified physiotherapist and specialize in sports medicine. It will be fantastic if I can one day open my own practice and help athletes," said Garcia Canto.  "Right now I just finished English 12, I'm pretty happy, I got really good marks, and I am working on Biology 12. The intention is to go to VCC. I am planning to take the MOA (Medical Office Assistant) program, which is a six-month program. That will prepare me to get me into the medical field."

Garcia Canto says she's learned alot of lessons during her time in Canada. But a big one is that it is never to late to head back to school. 

"It is never too late, it is never too late. Go for it! You are the only one that beats yourself down. Don't let yourself stop you from doing what you want to do," she says.

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