Prince of Wales Hosts John A. Macdonald 200th Birthday Event

John A Macdonald cupcakes were in short supply when the school hosted a 200th birthday event for Canada's first Prime Minister.

Prince of Wales Secondary teacher, Jacqueline Moon, says the day was a big success. All of the school's Grade 10 students participated by writing trivia questions about the historical figure. A winning answer meant a tasty cupcake. During lunch time, Moon estimates roughly 100 students tested their historical knowledge to win a treat.

"I think many of our students were surprised about what they learned about him," said Moon.

The whole day was advertised by a poster campaign put together by the school's Grade 8 classes.

Moon said the day gave the school community an opportunity to reflect on both the positive and negative aspects of Macdonald's leadership.

"Our department decided it was important to encourage students to have a greater knowledge in Canadian history and encourage our students to look at all aspects of John A. Macdonald's legacy whether they were positive or negative," she says.

Moon says as a result of some of Macdonald's policies her own grandfather was penalized for being Chinese and wanting to come to Canada and had to pay a head tax on arrival. 

John A MacDonald

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