Cardboard Boats Build Opportunity for Cooperation and Fun

Kitchener and Queen Mary elementary schools recently went bow to bow in a high stakes competition at Byng pool.

As a part of Skills Canada, Grade 6/7s students from Lord Kitchener and Queen Mary Elementary Schools and Grade 8s from Lord Byng Secondary took on the challenge of designing, building, and sailing cardboard boats.

While Queen Mary and Kitchener battled each other, Byng took on Richmond contenders, MacNeill and Boyd Secondary Schools.

The challenge of building a "pool-worthy" boat was futher increased, as the only supplies allowed to be used to create and paddle the boats were two sheets of cardboard, one roll of twine, one roll of duct tape, and one roll of packing tape.

After a morning spent building the boats, the final test was to paddle their creations the length of Byng pool.

Kaja Chambers, a Grade 7 student from Queen Mary, said that success was all in the planning. Her team, having competed in last year's battle at Templeton Pool, took the time to design and make a scale model before race day.

"Organizing how we are going to build the boat and problem solving together has been challenging, but a lot of fun," she says.

Judging by the laughs that echoed off the rafters and the smiles on all the faces, fun was indeed the winner, as (not surprisingly) the vast majority of boats ended up on the bottom of Byng pool.

To see more photos and video of the day CLICK HERE

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