Selkirk Families Enjoy a Yoga Night

Recently, Selkirk Elementary School's Inner City Team organized a Family Yoga Night. Approximately 50 people attended including toddlers, Selkirk students, parents, and staff. During the event, everyone formed a fantastic and rejuvenating yoga circle.

Professional yoga instructor Miriam Tratt of Return Yoga led the group through an incorporation of yoga poses and techniques that were friendly for all ages and ability levels and even brought in some storytelling and games, making the evening as fun as it was energizing. 

"This was Selkirk's first yoga night, and what a success it was," said Selkirk Vice Principal Doug Roch. "It was an excellent opportunity for parents and staff to connect with one another, while simultaneously engaging in an activity that promotes physical literacy as well as community."

Inner City Team members Vanessa Mani, Kim Whaley and Rose Hibbert provided snacks at the end of the evening.

Yoga at Selkirk

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