Champlain Annex Parents Set the Green Bar High with Recycling Program

Champlain Heights Annex has a dream team of bottle recyclers who have helped rally the school to recycle over 18,000 bottles.

Over the past three years, parents Fatima Elamiri and Tanya Swenor say they regularly stay two to three hours per day at the school helping sort the bottles and prepare them for pick up. Some days they're there from 9 AM to 2 PM. Their commitment has been contagious among the school community.

"By taking on this recycling initiative and raising this amount of money, we inspired so many parents. Each one of us can make small changes and it will add up to a big change, which will help keep our environment clean for future generations," says Elamiri.

Together the Champlain Annex community has raised over $7,500. Students are incented to collect as many bottles as possible with division-based challenges and prizes. The money collected then goes right back into the school helping reduce the cost of field trips, paying for events and purchasing additional learning materials.

Champlain Annex Vice Principal Andrea Zeitz says both parents are amazing.

"They have a passion for the environment and fundraising for our school," says Zeitz. 

Both parents say they are very proud of their work.

"By recycling we are sending less waste to the landfills, hence helping to build a better environment for our kids. Every day we hear stories from parents about how their kids are becoming more aware of the importance of recycling," says Swenor. "This growing awareness gives us hope that tomorrow will be better than today."

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