Vancouver Youth Diplomats Gather for Model UN

On Friday, January 30 through to Sunday February 1, 1400 students gathered at the Hyatt downtown for the 14th Annual session of Vancouver Model United Nations (VMUN).

The VMUN is the largest student led Model United Nations conference in Canada. This year students from Byng, Churchill, Prince of Wales, Magee, Van Tech, Kitsilano, University Hill and the University Hill Transition Program are participating. 

"Model United Nations conferences produce more politically conscious young minds, and bring awareness to important global issues," said Kevin Dhir, a Churchill Secondary student and the Under Secretary General of Promotion for Vancouver Model United Nations. "In addition to the excellent education that delegates receive on global issues, they are given the opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills and leadership skills." 

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations, where delegates engage in academic discourse that involves prior research, public speaking, and debate. It promotes student political engagement, and is an excellent means of education through action.

This year's keynote speaker was Canadian humanitarian and journalist, Amanda Lindhout. Throughout the weekend delegates engaged in intense debate within their respective committees discussing topics such as human rights, corruption and global epidemics. Delegates brought weeks' worth of research to represent their countries and initiate debate with other fellow delegates.

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