Douglas Makes VSB Athletic History with First Wheelchair Athlete in Basketball League

Megan Smith loves basketball. She also happens to be a wheelchair athlete. So when the soft-spoken Douglas Elementary Grade 7 student asked her coach Sean Smith if she could join the school's basketball team, he said why not?

Smith, who was born with distal spinal muscular atrophy, plays point guard and rolls up the court during games before distributing the ball to team mates. During a recent game between Douglas and Trudeau Elementary schools, you could hear the shrieks of "pass the ball to Megan" as students jockeyed for position.

Smith said there was absolutely no hesitation when Megan approached him about joining the basketball team.

"I said, 'Yes.' A child wants to play the game, they're going to play the game," said Smith. "I think it's very fortunate that Megan is so strong, that she even asked. I've been coaching in the district for about 19 years now and I've never had a student come and ask me if they could play with an exceptionality."

For a great story and video about Smith in the Vancouver Province newspaper, click here

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