Tupper Life Skills Students Launch From the Ground UP Social Enterprise

Tucked away in the corner of the Tupper Life Skills classrooms is a small but growing garden of plants. Right now the garden is packed with micro-greens, salad greens, wheat grass, snow peas and soy beans.

Each day, Rosemary Evans, the classroom teacher, says many of her students excitedly head over to the garden to check on the growth of their favourite plants.

Evans is hoping to transform the small garden into a social enterprise that will expand outside the school building and into planter boxes installed by local Tupper Tech students. As the project grows in size, she says she hopes they'll be able to sell the produce to the school cafeteria as well as to teachers.

Evans says the garden is wonderful for engaging her students.

"The students really are totally involved in everything. They are involved in the planting and in keeping the plants growing," she says. "The kids are really excited about it. They all have different niches they want to fill."

The budding social enterprise has been branded "From the Ground UP (Urban Planters)", a catchy name that Tupper's marketing students helped the class develop.

The program is just kicking off a fundraising drive to help with their garden expansion. Those interested in supporting the class can donate by email Rosemary Evans.

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