Tillicum Annex students hosted their First Annual Year End Farmers' Market.

Students, parents, and staff worked hard to put together a mini farmers' market on the last day of classes. The event was a joint fundraiser between Kiwassa Neighbourhood House and Tillicum Annex.

Organized by staff at Kiwassa and the PAC at Tillicum, Grade 4 students had a wonderful time working as vendors and selling foods grown in their community garden and via local farmers.

Kale, organic eggs, honey, garden photo greeting cards, trail mix, herbs were all available. Grade 1 students had packaged vegetable seeds in mini envelopes, with a few charmingly labeled "Letos" or "Carotts", and were a steal at $1 a pack.

AmmarGrade 4 vendors had a friendly rivalry hawking their wares. The "Kale Ladies" in sparkly dresses had strong marketing pitches such as, " You'll live forever if you eat Kale! Only $4!", but were no match for Ammar "The Egg Man", who spent much of his selling time running from table to table exclaiming, "My eggs are ENORMOUS!" ­--- and they were.

Says Renee Gowdy, Vice-Principal at Tillicum, "The Grade 4s built three new garden boxes in May, and we hope that as our garden grows the Farmer's Market will grow each year too. More vendors, more neighbours dropping by and of course more Letos!".

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