The COC Launches Fitness Program with Help From Fleming Elementary

With the help of staff and students at Fleming Elementary, The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) recently launched a classroom resource, Active at School, that will support students in getting active for 60 minutes a day.

In conjunction with Canadian Tire and the Active At School initiative, the COC hosted a fitness awareness event at Fleming, which included special presentations from Canadian Olympians Sandra Sassine, Michelle Li and Meaghan Mikkelson.

The students were able to connect with the Olympians and learn about health, fitness and sportsmanship, as well as try the activities featured in Active at School.

Fleming has a strong focus on physical education and mind/body health. The event was a great way for the students to learn more about what it is like to be a top athlete.

"Fleming students participate in all kinds of physical activities - both indoors and out," says Liz Kloepper, Principal. "Ranging from organized PE classes and structured team activities, to free time games and explorations at recess and lunch. Our Community Schools Team also offers additional opportunities at Fleming. We were so excited to have this very special opportunity with the COC."

As a special surprise Canadian Tire donated a large supply of sports equipment to the school. But it was the personal connection with the Olympians that made the biggest impression on the students.

"The Olympians presented their stories-which were filled with hard work and hardships. What an inspiration!" said Kloepper. "You never know who might turn their daily physical activity and play, into a Canadian gold medal sometime in the future. We are really motivated to keep moving."

To view photos form the event CLICK HERE.

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