Vancouver School Board Supports Mayors' Transportation & Transit Plan

The Metro Vancouver region will grow by a million more people over the next 30 years. Our region is congested now and will get worse if we fail to act. 

The Mayors' Transportation & Transit Plan will cut congestion by providing improved transportation and transit service to people everywhere in Metro Vancouver.

  • The plan includes improvements and expansion to rail, bus and SeaBus, and safer, less congested roads.
  • The Mayors' Plan will protect our economy, our environment, and help people spend more time with their families instead of being stuck in traffic.

In Vancouver, the Mayors' Plan will provide:

  • Extension of the Millennium Line from VCC-Clark to Arbutus Street along the Broadway Corridor to serve the current and future demand along the region's busiest bus corridor;
  • Five additional B-Lines connecting people and jobs;
  • Upgrades to Expo, Millennium and Canada Lines to reduce overcrowding, meet demand and improve the transit experience;
  • SeaBus service will increase by 50% to run every 10 minutes during the peak periods, and every 15 minutes at other times;
  • A new bus layover facility in downtown Vancouver will accommodate increased bus service levels;
  • Funding for cycling and walking to complete the Central Valley Greenway and upgrade the BC Parkway multi-use route, and make safety and public realm improvements;
  • Increased bus service including improved frequency on the existing NightBus network by 80%; and,
  • Funds to maintain and upgrade the Major Road Network to keep people and goods moving, enhance safety and connect communities.

The Vancouver School Board supports a "Yes" vote for the Plan.

I encourage you to do the same. The Plan will benefit every area of Metro Vancouver including our city.

Contact Elections BC now, to register to vote or to update your voter registration, so you can be ready to vote in the plebiscite. Call 1-800-661-8683 or register online.

Learn more about the plebiscite here.

Get informed and ensure you are registered to vote. If you're not registered, or you recently moved, register with Elections BC by May 15. The vote will take place through a mail-in ballot and the voting period will run from March 16 to May 29.

You can also pledge your support at: http://www.bettertransit.info/

Many thanks for your support,


Christopher Richardson 

Chairperson of the Vancouver School Board

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