Grade 4 Students Acknowledge Lifetime Achievement of Veteran Volunteer

Grade 4 students from Laurier Elementary and Ideal Mini School, recently had an opportunity to help acknowledge the lifetime achievement of a volunteer of The Memory Project Speakers Bureau.

Community members and veterans gathered at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society to be recognized for their volunteer achievements. 

At the ceremony, Veterans of conflicts ranging from the Second World War to the War in Afghanistan received a Certificate of Achievement, recognizing their commitment to educating younger generations about the sacrifices experienced by Canada's men and women in uniform and their contributions to our country's history. 

memory project laurierA special moment in the afternoon was when Peter Bone, a veteran of the Second World War, was presented with a lifetime achievement award for his outstanding commitment to visiting schools as a volunteer speaker. Mr. Bone has visited dozens of schools across the district, and presented on his own experiences form the war and military life.

The students from Laurier Elementary and Ideal Mini School, who had hosted Bone at their schools, attended the event and spoke to the gathering about their experience with The Memory Project, and presented Bone with his award.  

Jill Paterson, Senior Project Manager of the Memory Project was quite pleased to have the young students attend the event and help in recognizing Bone.

"Vancouver has always been so supportive of the Memory Project. It's great to have a chance to personally thank our volunteers," says Paterson.


Peter Bone was an air gunner in the Royal Air Force with the Lancaster Bombers, flying dangerous missions into enemy territory during World War II. He was in the No. 626 Squadron from 1944 until April of 1945. He is a dedicated member of the Memory Project Speakers Bureau, having completed over 40 visits to schools around the district.

Bone has also been interviewed for The Memory Project Archive, and his story is available on their website at: http://www.thememoryproject.com/stories/60:ernest-peter-bone/

To view photos from the ceremony CLICK HERE or view below. 

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