Selkirk Elementary Gets an A Capella Visit

Selkirk Elementary was recently treated to a visit by musical group HOJA, who have an amazing talent in delivering performances with a strong message - through an a capella musical medium.

Selkirk's Grade 3-7 students enjoyed an hour of familiar popular music and songs that address solving conflicts, enhancing peer relationships, accepting all forms of diversity, and strategies for working through interpersonal challenges.

"Not only was it an exceptional way to start the week, the pro-social, pro-diversity, acceptance and celebration themes were highly appropriate, particularly to commence Pink Shirt Week," said Selkirk VP Doug Roch.

The students tapped their feet, clapped, joined in a number of the songs, and watched some of their peers perform in front of the school.

"Selkirk hopes to see Hoja again soon!" he said.

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