Byng Grade 12 Student Studies at UBC

Byng Secondary is home to many future university graduates. But some students, like Tyler Han, head off to UBC before they graduate. Below is a great story recently published in the Ubyssey, the university's student newspaper:

Most undergraduate students assume that their peers are also studying toward bachelor degrees. However, this assumption does not always hold true, and Tyler Han is an example of this. Currently a grade 12 student at Lord Byng Secondary, Han is making his presence felt in the lecture halls of UBC.

Han is one of a sizeable number of grade 12 students taking courses at UBC. Oftentimes these students have completed AP level studies in certain subjects, and are looking to expand their knowledge and experience university while still in high school. In Han's case, he has completed high school level courses and AP level studies in math and computer science.

To read the full story on the Ubyssey, click here. 

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