Tupper and Hamber Students Win $100K Scholarships

Nick Milum and Somaya Amiri have both been awarded the prestigious Loran Scholarship. Both Amiri and Milum have impressive backgrounds.

Milum was the VSB's first student trustee. Amiri arrived in Canada three years ago from Afghanistan and could not read or write in English.

"Somaya and Nick are both deeply committed to serving their schools and their communities. They approach their extra-curricular and academic activities with integrity, enthusiasm and determination. We look forward to seeing them both grow and give back to the world as Loran Scholars," said Franca Gucciardi, CEO of the Loran Scholars Foundation and a 1990 Loran Scholar.

The Loran Scholars Foundation identifies and supports exceptional young Canadians who demonstrate character, service and leadership. Since 1988, they have granted more than $26 million to over 2,300 students.

Each year, they select the top 30 of approximately 3,500 applicants as Loran Scholars. Each scholar receives a renewable undergraduate award valued at up to $100,000, including mentorship and a summer program. 

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