Prince of Wales Mini School Digs into their School's Waste

Social Studies 11 students at Prince of Wales Secondary Mini School are giving their school's waste a close look.

"I don't think anyone truly knows how much and what sort of waste they generate until they partake in something as hands-on (or 'hands-in') as a waste audit," says student leader Jenny Hui. "Waste is something we never typically give a second thought and it's important to have these opportunities."

Andrew Humphries, a teacher at PW mini-school and champion for sustainability, couldn't agree more. Humphries decided to work on this project as part of his sustainability themed curriculum. The hands-on data collection of their school's waste will inform meaningful changes. And it's timely as the District is implementing a new waste management system to comply with the Metro Vancouver directive to divert organic material away from the garbage stream.

Working with a local non-profit organization - Be The Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) - students are currently conducting a waste audit of their school. 

"The audit poses challenging questions to students" says Jen Holden, BTCEA Project Coordinator. "We crunched the numbers and found that 75% of the garbage stream contents are recyclable (43%) or compostable (32%)."

Prince of Wales students have taken this data and are planning projects to refine the new waste system at the school and create broader student awareness and commitment to improve diversion rates.

For more information about our waste diversion efforts check the VSB green board or email sustainability@vsb.bc.ca.

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