Windermere Math Academy Helps Struggling Students Succeed

Windermere Secondary's innovative Academy of Math program got a big boost when it received $12,500 from the Vancouver Sun Adopt-a-School program to support the purchase of a perpetual license for the academy's software.

The program allows Windermere math teachers and school based resource teachers such as Judy Payne to rapidly identify and support incoming Grade 8 students who are struggling with math.

The program allows teachers to easily evaluate incoming Grade 8 students' math abilities and directs individualized learning support to those who are struggling.

Students can access their personalized lessons from home or at school and can work at their own pace on math problems and subject areas. When they run into barriers in comprehension, it is flagged for their teachers who can quickly clarify confusing topics of study.

So far Windermere's Academy of Math program supports around 90 kids per year.

"Since we have started using it, a third of our students are immediately able to get caught up and enter into regular Math 9 classes," says Payne.

Windermere principal Rick Mesich says the program lends itself well to personalized learning. 

"It gives us a whole tool box to meet the needs of all the kids who would just continue to struggle," he says. "It has a pre-test and a post-test. All the things we need."

To read a story in the Vancouver Sun about the Windermere Academy of Math, click here.  

Photo courtesy of the Vancouver Sun.

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