Killarney Secondary Students Win Junior Boys' Basketball Provincial Championship

After 32 years, Killarney Secondary has won big in junior boys' basketball. Their championship win follows their victory in the city championships last year. Killarney coach Yash Zandiyeh has been involved with the team for years and says the key to his team's success has been embedded in their SCREAM team philosophy. Zandiyeh says SCREAM stands for synergy, confidence, respect, energy, accountability (and attitude) and motivation.

In addition to SCREAM, the coach also says the Killarney crew also understands how much their coaches care about them.

"We try to let Killarney be their second family. We want them to come play for us, or support us, be a scorekeeper, whatever it is," says Zandiyeh. "We'll do our best to keep these kids on the right path and keep them in our circle."

He says in addition to caring a lot for his teammates, honesty is the other number one policy of the Killarney boys basketball squad.

"One of the biggest challenges any coach will face is teaching in a way that everyone can pick up on. I'm no child psychology major but it's extremely difficult to send one message to 15 kids," he says. "The way we get by it goes back to point number one - be honest. Either you're going to play Killarney basketball or you're not." 

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