Douglas Student Leaders Deliver Valentines and Cookies at Carnegie

What do you get when you put together dedicated student leaders and a project that's all about social purpose? A field trip by elementary students to help the city's homeless people.

On February 13, just one day before Valentine's Day Douglas Elementary School student leaders visited the Carnegie Community Centre to support DTES community by making homemade cookies and Valentine cards. Director Ethel Whitty kindly showed them around the centre and its wonderful facilities, which cater to the people in the downtown east side.

The students were warmly greeted and school chaperone says they had a wonderful time smiling, joking, and connecting with patrons and staff. According to Krystyna Niziolek, the principal of Sir James Douglas Elementary, everyone left with a feeling connectedness and a real sense of wellbeing.

"When we reach out and participate in acts of kindness, it deepens our understanding of others and ourselves," Niziolek says. "What's amazing about working with young people is not only their energy and enthusiasm, but also their ability to become involved and embrace learning for what really matters. They get it and it feels good, both for them and for those of us who see it happen right before our eyes. It's called empowerment."

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