Douglas Green Team Featured by BC Green Games

What would you do if you saw a trash can knocked over at your school? The Douglas Green Team set out to find out how different people would react to the rubbish. Through a short video, the team showcased their school community's great sustainability champions. The result was a competition spot in the BC Green Games.

According to Douglas Elementary VP Eve Gagnon, the point of the project was to see if litter/garbage is part of people's environment or a problem in the environment.

"We decided to set up a hidden camera at the entry way of the school. We also put garbage on the floor and put buckets to pick up the garbage. We wanted to see who would pick it up and who wouldn't," she says.

The green team also thought it would be a great idea to highlight the importance of keeping the school waste free and environmentally friendly following all the work they had been doing around recycling, garbage and composting.

To support the Douglas Green team on the BC Green Games or watch the video of their social experiment, click here.

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