Students Invited to "Connect the Dots" Sustainability Conference

The VSBSC Planning Committee is hard at work to organize the 2015 VSB Sustainability Conference (VSBSC). This conference will be bigger and better than ever, with a new focused theme - "Connect the Dots". 

Through Connect the Dots, the conference will bring together community leaders and believers in sustainability, showcase positive environmental change, and provide a platform for these bright minds and ideas to collide. 

Tiffany Quon, one of the VSBSC's co-chairs, says "we are bringing together all components of our school communities interested in sustainability, no matter what experiences they have had with the cause".

The conference is happening on Monday, April 27th from 8:30am to 2:30pm at Eric Hamber Secondary School (5025 Willow St).  Secondary school students, teachers, and administration will gather from around the Lower Mainland to participate in learning about how sustainability affects each of their schools.

Features of the conference include:

  • Keynote speakers sharing their experiences:  - Kimberley Wong a second year UBC student and former VSB student, and Margot Long, an advocate urban development that creates a positive legacy to the cities we live in.
  • Luke Wallace a performer who shares his stories about sustainability through music.
  • A series of eight workshop sessions including "Creative Youth Activism" and "The Roots of Sustainability".

In previous years the VSB Sustainability Conference has attracted over 200 attendees the VSB and even other school districts.  To improve accessibility, the organizing committee has secured grant funding to enable the conference to be free to all attendees.  However - registration is still required.  Register now by clicking hereFor any questions related to the conference, please email info@vsb-sustainabilityconference.com.

Connect the Dots

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