15 Year Old University Hill Transition Student Wins $80,000 Scholarship for University

Cheng Xie is an academic rock star. And he's also one of the most friendly and approachable youths you're likely to meet. Earlier this year, Xie who is a student at the University Hill Transition program, learned he had won the Schulich Leader Award, an incredibly prestigious prize worth roughly $80,000 over the course of four years.

It was a big deal for Xie, who plans to attend UBC, aims to leverage a fascination with the hard sciences into an engineering degree in Applied Sciences.

All the more impressive is that he won the award and is graduating with his high school degree by the age of 15.

In addition to the Schulich Leader Award, Xie has a number of other accomplishments under his belt. Last year he won the 3rd Place Innovation Prize 2013 from the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair where he developed an a unique refrigeration system, which utilized controlled air flow. He also placed third in Canada (out of 1,748 entries) after writing the UBC National Michael Smith Science Challenge 2014.

Transition teacher and coordinator Daria Danylchuk says Xie's accomplishments put him in good company with other University Hill transition grads. So far she says many of her graduating students who left the school in 1999 are already making their mark on the world as investment bankers, emergency room physicians, financial engineers, lawyers and computer engineers.

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