Churchill Enjoys Computational Success

Churchill Secondary's computing students are thriving. This year Churchill students raked in impressive results in three national and international computing competitions.

At the North America Computational Linguistics Olympiad 2015, Grade 12 student Eugene Shen placed fourth overall competing against 1,700 other competitors from across North America. At the Canadian Computing Competition Grade 9 Victor Wang finished second overall and first in Western Canada. Wang was up against thousands of other competitors and one of 30,000 original submissions handed in online. 

Churchill teacher Trevor Gibbens says it was all the more impressive because Wang wasn't just competing with the computationally best and brightest of Canada, but also against competitors from Hong Kong and China. 

Finally the Churchill students also ranked impressively in the 2015 Beaver Computing Challenge. Grade 9s Patrick Chen, Victor Wang and Grade 10 Roger Wang all finished with perfect scores. Meanwhile Grade 8 Yale Wang, Grade 9 Cindy Xin Yin Li and Grade 10 Catherine Wang only got one question wrong on the entire test. 

Gibbens says the results from the competition validate how much talent his students have as well as their work ethic. 

"I think it requires a lot of effort. You need to get it right. You can have an infinite number of submissions and if you make mistakes you lose marks," he says.

Gibbens holds high hopes for his pupils and he says alumni are already making him very proud. For example, he points to one of his top former students Mike Yang who has gone to one of the top engineering schools in the US (the University of Illinois at Champagne). Yang recently wrote Gibbens describing his newest project, the development of a MARS rover robot in a competition being sponsored by NASA. As Yang sees it, the skills and experience he got at Churchill have significantly supported his current success. 

To learn more about the computer programming available at Churchill, click here

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