Britannia Student to Speak to Business Laureates Hall of Fame

This May, Britannia Secondary Grade 11 student Angela Ngo will be speaking in front of the titans of BC industry at the Business Laureates Hall of Fame at the Fairmont Hotel.

"I'm a little nervous, but they will give me some training. I'm really excited though," she says.

There will be some impressive BC business leaders in the audience. Members of the Hall of Fame include Michael Audain and Jim Pattison among many other high-profile business leaders.

Ngo is among three students selected based on public speaking presentations they made to Junior Achievement. In the presentation, Ngo talked about how Junior Achievement had a profound impact on her life, helping her become a better leader.

Ngo is currently the President of her Junior Achievement club and head of the student company Corkulent, which supports sustainability (and entrepreneurship) by selling recycled cork planters for $5 each. The club is aiming for gross revenues of $1000.

Ngo's recognition is inspiring to her teacher Lee Nipp.

"It validates everything we are trying to do with our kids," says Nipp. "When the succeed like this, it is really amazing."

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