Annual L'Ecole Bilingue Iron Chef Competition Raises Bar Once Again

Each year L'Ecole Bilingue hosts one of the most grueling food competitions-for Grade 6 students-in the city. This year was a little different. Currently, L'Ecole Bilingue is being rebuilt for seismic safety, and the students are in a swing space while the build takes place. But even working in a different location was not a deterrent for the future master chefs.

The students put on a culinary master class, delivering dishes comprising of a core secret ingredient selected from an unlabeled can. Utilizing the ingredient, the students got to work devising a menu fit for a king.

Teams were scored on presentation, use of a secret ingredient, and overall taste.  

Local VSB dignitaries, including Superintendent Scott Robinson, were on hand as judges for the afternoon, tasting the eclectic and creative assortment of dishes.

Iron Chef 2015"The presentation skills on show were reminiscent of a Michelin Star restaurant," says Paul Godfrey, "�Education Coordinator and L'Ecole Bilingue Iron Chef judge.

From one course to another, the judges were teased and tantalized as they were given appetizers, mains, and deserts each comprising a secret ingredient, which included - spinach, chickpeas, custard, beans, coconut, pineapple, and beets. 

"My taste buds and senses were exposed to a wonderful range of flavours and aromas," says Godfrey

The event becomes all the more impressive when one considers that most of the students have had little to no prior cooking experience. 

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