Selkirk Family Potluck Draws 200 People

Over 200 people recently attended the Selkirk Elementary Annual Multicultural Potluck Dinner. The event was planned and masterfully orchestrated by Selkirk's Parent Advisory Council. Families in attendance all brought a dish to share, and ate together at banquet tables in the school gym.  

"It was wonderful to see so many families eating with one another and enjoying lively conversation," says Selkirk Vice Principal Doug Roch.

To make the event even more special, the Grades 4-7 Choirs showcased their talent, led by music teacher Amanda Hennessey. Selkirk's Grade 6-7 Band also performed and were directed by Band Teacher Michael Dirk.

"A big thank you to the Selkirk PAC for making the evening possible!" says Roch.

Selkirk Family Potluck

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