Henderson Annex Students Go Speed Dating (with Books)

What's the world coming to, you might ask, when grade two students are speed dating? Actually, it's becoming a world of readers, as John Oliver Secondary leadership students, in partnership with FirstBook Canada and Kidsbooks, brought Speed Dating With Books to Henderson Annex.

Henderson Grade 2 students recently took part in a Speed Dating With Books event, in which ten different books will vyed to be chosen as "the one" by each of the young readers.

The books were selected with the help of FirstBook Canada and Kidsbooks, whose generous support made the fun and engaging event possible. John Oliver high school students each represented one of the books, and as the grade two students rotated through a timed "date" with each of the books, the JO students did their best to impress and dazzle the young readers to want to be "matched" with the book - in other words, to choose that book to read.

The young students voted on each book based on art work, story, characters and excitement by using thumbs-up score cards. They then chose their favourite book at the end of the event.

"There is strong evidence to support the connection between the early development of a passion for and interest in reading and future success in school and life," says Joanne Martin, teacher at JO. "Today more than ever, with the number of competing activities that divert children's attention and time from reading, this early engagement is critical in developing a love of reading and all the opportunities it brings."

The rationale behind Speed Dating With Books is (similar to that of its namesake) to introduce these young readers to as many books as possible in short but dynamic "dates" in the hopes of increasing their interest in and engagement with reading.

For more photos form the event CLICK HERE or view below.

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