Point Grey Love Club Makes International (and Local) Issues Top of Mind in School

The Love Club at Point Grey wants to support more engaged attitudes in their schools around issues of both local and international importance.

Grade 11 students Chelsea Neale, Kara Letvinshuk, Shira Wachtel, Jacky Baldwin and Joelle Moses say their principle aim with their club has been to spread kindness and get other kids thinking about how fortunate they are to attend such a great school.

It is an important message and one that they've been active promoting with a wide-range of initiatives including a Christmas Card drive for Covenant House, sandwich making for the Downtown Eastside and a fundraising drive for Taifun relief following the disaster in the Philippines.

In their most recent project, the young women have devoted their energy to raising awareness around the girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram.

"We wanted to make a PSA because we didn't know what else we could do," said Wachtel. "Our original intent was to get media attention, but then we also wanted to give a new perspective to Point Grey students."

In a short video, the Love Club members pulled hundreds of students from their classes to showcase the impact such a kidnapping might have on their own school community. Within a few hours had over 100 likes on the Facebook page they placed it on.

Baldwin says that since their video went viral within the Point Grey community, she believes many of her colleagues are better informed about the issue.

"I think the Point Grey students now get it," she says. 

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