Tupper ACE IT Student Thrives After Taking Auto Collision Repairer Course

Tupper grad Cesar Buisine is well on his way to a rewarding career as an Automotive Collision Repairer after taking advantage of the district's ACE IT program. Buisine says he's always loved cars and hands on learning. That's why he says ACE IT was a perfect fit.

"I liked the hands on part of ACE IT," he says. "I've always liked to take things apart and put them back together."

However, it was the apprenticeship piece of his ACE IT program that really helped put his career into overdrive. During his time at school, Buisine was able to get a headstart on his career as he simultaneously attended classes at Vancouver Community College's Broadway campus. While attending secondary school, he was also employed as an apprentice by Kirmac Collision. Two years later, he's still there. 

Kirmac manager Grayson Sung says he likes the ACE IT apprenticeship program because it provides a "bonus of testing out" of potential employees.

"We get the chance to see if their work ethic and initiative is evident," says Sung. "We can groom apprentices to our company's way of doing things."

He says the other great thing about ACE IT is its ability to blend schooling with some work experience.

The next VSB/VCC Auto Collision Repairer 8-month course's application deadline has been extended due to the labour dispute with the start date delayed until October. There are still spaces available for interested VSB grade 11/12 students who are ready for the challenge of combining academics and hands-on learning. More info on Auto Collision ACE IT program can be found here. For a link to the ACE IT application, click here.

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