UPDATED - Supporting Student Learning at Home

Many parents have been asking for information on ways to support their child(ren) at home. Below are links to online resources and websites which may be of support to you and your child, in exploring topics of interest.

We understand that these do not take the place of the regular instruction that your child would receive in their classroom.

BC Ministry of Education

Below are listed websites from the Ministry of Education that provide parents with suggestions, advice and tips for supporting learning at home. The first three sites are focused on supporting learning with elementary age children. The last site provides grade specific information on healthy living, physical exercise and eating, which is also downloadable in a multitude of languages.

When exploring topics with your child, three questions you can ask to promote further inquiry, dialogue and connections are: What do you notice? What do you wonder? What does this remind you of?

Encourage your child to share their thinking and learning with you in creative and engaging ways.


(Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium) has arranged for BC students and their parents to gain easy home access to the ERAC Online Database Bundle until schools reopen for the new school year.

Publisher (Titles)URL or LinkUsername &Password


Username: BCSTUDENT1

Password: BCSTUDENT1

Nelson/Gale-CengageDirect link to database http://find.galegroup.com/If asked for Password: BCSTUDENT1

Username: BCSTUDENT1

Password: BCSTUDENT1

Vancouver Public Library

With a library card, your child or teen can access computers and materials at one of the library's 22 branches and can accessthe VPL e-book websites online:

VPL e-books are available here: For Kids & For Teens

Burnaby Public Library

Online access to Songs and Rhymes in 15 languages are available at the Burnaby Library

Topic Specific Websites






These sites all have interactive videos, collections, and information sorted by age and subject level.

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