CLICK Fundraises to Support Vancouver School District Alternative Education Programs and Services for Vulnerable Kids

This month, long-time charity CLICK (Contributing to Lives of Inner City Kids) is running a fundraising drive to raise money to support Vancouver inner city students.

Over the past decade, CLICK has raised over $250,000 to support vulnerable students. Money raised goes to a variety of initiatives including providing kids with safe after-school care, giving students literacy and homework support and helping alternative program students participate in sports, the arts and camp.

Some of the biggest beneficiaries of CLICK's support include after school gymnastics programs, a golf program run with KidSafe, Britannia Secondary's cheer team, a DTES Inner City Youth Golf Program, Killarney Community School's Share the Stories Program and Britannia's Streetfront Winter Camp. For a long list of all the other programs CLICK supports, click here.

CLICK President Catherine Atyeo has been involved with CLICK for years. But she says now is the best time for people to donate because of a unique partnership struck with CHIMP - a Canadian fundraising website as well as their partner Bienfaisance Foundation.

"When you donate to CLICK by September 30 Chimp and the Bienfaisance Foundation will match your gift (to a maximum of $250)," she says. "That means twice as much money can be directed straight to programs that help Vancouver's inner city students this October."

To learn more or to join the campaign, click here.

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