Adult Ed Student Profile: Adam Badke

Adam Badke just turned 31 and he's more committed than ever to completing his Dogwood degree so that he can pursue a degree in computer science. While Badke already holds a diploma in 3D Animation and Game Design and some solid work experience from local company Electronic Arts, he says it has become clear to him he needed to upgrade his education to continue to progress in his career.

Badke says the support he's received at Hastings Adult Education Centre has made what might have been a slog into a breeze.

Every evening, Badke heads to Hastings where he works slowly through the prerequisite courses he needs to transition into Langara and eventually SFU. He's already completed Math 10 and 11 as well as English 11 with top marks. He's now working his way through Math 12.

"When I started looking at options, the idea of going back to school was daunting. I went to Langara and it would have taken a full semester for each math grade," he said.

At Adult Ed, Badke's been able to power through all the courses rapidly. The self-paced nature of the courses fits his ambitions perfectly.

He says he particularly loves the Hastings community and the little things like community meals offered frequently throughout the summer. That and the amazing skills of his math teacher Maria.

"She's amazingly good," he says. "She has a great way of breaking things down into really simple topics."

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