Windermere Alumni to Host Reunion this Saturday

On Saturday, October 18, students who graduated from Windermere Secondary in 1964, 1965 and 1966 are invited to attend a 50 year celebration at the Sylvia Hotel.

The event is intended to bring together grads who were some of the first to attend the school after it was built in 1961. According to Bonnie Lamb, a Windermere Graduate in the class of 1964, attending the school during that decade was a completely unique experience.

"The school was a mix of students from Vancouver Technical, Gladstone and Killarney areas.  All the students were in the first wave of kids born after the Second World War, or now commonly known as the "post-war baby boomers" born in 1946 - the "booms'" first year!" says Lamb.

Lamb says it was initially hard for many of the students to consider leaving the more familiar Van Tech Secondary at the end of their Grade 9 year and move over to Windermere. But once they arrived she says the supportive and welcoming staff at Windermere helped the kids adjust quickly.  

"Today, we still remember our friends from Gladstone and Killarney with equal fondness," she says.

Many of these friends have stayed in touch over the years. Lamb says currently the reunion is expecting to host 125 former students.

"We would love more students and staff members from the years 1964-1967 to attend," she says.

The reunion will be held from 6-11 pm and will feature a presentation with many pictures of the "past school days" as well as memorabilia and pictures of the school now. An open mike will be available with the class valedictorian, Ken Woods, delivering his speech to the guests. This will be followed by Robbie Collins on the drums and Allen McLeod on the bagpipes. Refreshments and cake will also be served. The cost of attending the event is $50.

Those interested are encouraged to contact Marty Callaghan marty_callaghan_8@hotmail.com or Don Hubbard hubs@shaw.ca.

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