Weir Elementary Math Prodigy Takes First Place in National Math Competition

Alex Wen is no ordinary math student. Last year, he wrote the Pythagoras Mathematical Centrum exam, a national test taken by 19,104 students across the country. Wen posted a perfect score, the only student to do so in BC, winning both regional and national first place medals.

It was a big accomplishment for a Grade 6 student (though today Wen is in Grade 7) who figures he's currently comfortable managing math problems at a Grade 12 level. 

"I am pretty proud of myself," says Wen. "I knew I'm good, but this is a bit hard to believe myself."

The top honours don't surprise Weir Elementary VP Stephen Leung. He says Wen has always been a math rockstar as well as a responsible and diligent student.

"It makes me feel fantastic. It is a real well deserved win. He is a fantastic student, but also a really good kid. He is responsible and he really cares about math," says Leung. "It is his passion and he presents a unique challenge to our school system to accommodate a kid who isn't a typical Grade 7 student. But the good news is the VSB is able to accommodate his gifts."

Wen for his part says he feels famous around the school. He says he knows his school is proud of his accomplishment. 

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