Garibaldi Students Brave the Rain for Pumpkin Pick

Garibaldi Annex was awash in pumpkins on Thursday, October 23 as 60 students braved the wet weather to participate in the school's pumpkin pick.

"It was very upbeat despite the rain," says Angela Wong-Moon, the Garibaldi PAC Co-Chair. "The kids were very excited and enjoyed some live guitar and clarinet music from two Garibaldi parents - they played old favorites like 'Old Susannah'.  It really added to the ambience."

During the event, the students also got to snack on homamde cookies, warm apple juice and warm buttered potatoes plucked from the school garden.

"The students spent a delightful morning choosing a pumpkin while enjoying some fine folk music and yummy potatoes and herbs from their own freshly harvested crop," said VP of Garibaldi Lorraine Baker. "PAC volunteers had decorated and 'planted' pumpkins throughout the garden." 

Pumpkin PickWong-Moon says the event was unique for students partly because the whole pumpkin patch was brought to their school creating a personalized and memorable experience and partly because all the students were so involved with the planning and preparation around the event.

"The kids helped with the decorations so it also includes them in the planning and ownership of the event. They can hear the parents talk about picking up pumpkins at a farm, preparing food to share, and organizing the details so they get a sense of what it takes to plan such an event and what happens when parents come together," says Wong-Moon.

Wong-Moon says she would like to thank all the parent volunteers that came out to help. 

"In a school of 60 children, we had 11 parent volunteers out that morning to make the pumpkin patch come alive!" she says.

Pumpkin Pick 2

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