Trafalgar Pocket Market a Huge Success

At the end of each season, Trafalgar Elementary students coordinate and run a Pocket Market at their school. This year's fall market saw everyone enjoying free harvest veggie soup and apple tea as they shopped for fresh produce, handmade teas and apple chips. Students and families also had fun with student run games and activities.

pocket market at trafalgarOver the school year, students work with a team of urban growers, nutritionists and entrepreneurs from EarthBites who lead workshops teaching students of all ages to grow, eat and craft with the seasons. Trafalgar students also learn to lead and co-ordinate the school-wide pocket markets, taking on the marketing and business aspects.

"It's wonderful," says Adele Tremblay, Principal at Trafalgar. "It's a program which allows them to gain marketing and business skills, learn hands-on about food and nutrition and raise funds to sustain our school gardens. The students do it all."

For more photos from Trafalgar's Pocket Market, CLICK HERE

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