Bollywood Comes to Douglas Elementary for Diwali Festival

Students at Douglas Elementary marked Diwali with much celebration and excitement. Simran Sidhu, recent winner of Omni TV's Bollywood Star, was a special guest of honor for the morning's celebrations. Sidhu, who recently returned from filming in India, performed a few dances and also taught the students some Bollywood dance moves. 

"We had an amazing time celebrating Diwali," says Katy Homeniuk, Vice-Principal at Douglas. "The whole school came together to enjoy some music and dancing. We were also extremely fortunate to be joined by Simran, who shared two fantastic dances with us and then got the whole school up and on to their feet to learn a few essential Bollywood dance moves! These performances were a really nice way for our community to come together to celebrate Diwali." 

Homeniuk also acknowledged three exceptional young ladies for their contribution to the celebration: Grade 4 student Selina Dhaliwal, and Priya Parhar and Saharah Bansal, both in Grade 6. They performed an amazing Bhangra dance, and shared information about Diwali with fellow students during the assembly.

"They explained that Diwali is not only a time for lighting their homes and temples but also their hearts, as the festival signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. They also performed a wonderful Bhangra dance, which brought smiles to everyone's faces."

To see more photos of the Diwali celebration at Douglas Elementary, CLICK HERE

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