Grenfell Kindergarteners Master The Art of Photography

Grenfell Kindergarten students, accompanied by their teachers Christy Wiens and Brenda Nakanishi, hosted "Capturing Creative Inquiry" that exhibited their talents as budding photographers.

With the support of Grenfell Principal Deanna Robertson, Kindergarten students were awarded an ArtStarts Grant that provided mentorship by professional photographer Carolyn Sullivan. The children were encouraged to cultivate their creativity and explore the outdoors for photography opportunities that inspired them.

Students used new technology working with an iPad and Photo Booth. With a generous gift of a colour printer from a family in the class, students were easily able to admire their work and reflect on the learning concepts of their year-long journey that included the study of colour, line, shape and texture.

"It was as much a learning experience with me as it was the kids," says Nakanishi.

Nakanishi said she wanted to give special thanks to Robertson who put a tremendous amount of work into the project.

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