University Hill Secondary Students Build Artistic Living Fence at UBC Farm

This past May, University Hill Secondary students had the opportunity to apply their environmental art skills with the UBC Farm Living Fence Project. Led by environmental artist Rebecca Graham, the two day workshop involved weaving a fence around the new yurt structure in the UBC Farm Children's Garden. Students enrolled in the West 2 CST Architecture program and student volunteers learned how to select materials, install fence posts, and weave cedar and alder branches to complete the waddle fence.

FenceThe project grew out of discussions between West 2 CST Programmer Alison Krahn and UBC Farm Community Engagement Coordinator Tamara Litke. Krahn and Litke wanted to begin a relationship between the school and the farm, since the institutions are neighbours in the newly developed Westbrook Village area on campus. As luck would have it, the farm was interested in having a fence and University Hill students wanted to participate in a hands-on project, and urban weaver Rebecca Graham was available to facilitate the design and construction of the final project.

The Living Fence project also gave two UBC students the opportunity to Fence crewconnect with high school students outside of a classroom environment. Stephanie Lee and Wil Betson were completing their enhanced teaching practicums at UBC Farm, and both students say they were excited to be involved in this experiential education project.

West 2 CST program instructor Fernanda Hannah-Suarez says she was thrilled to include a hands-on component to her Architecture & Design program.

For more information about the Community Schools Team, click here. To learn more about UBC Farm, click here. To read up on environmental artist Rebecca Graham, click here.

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