Grade 2 Laurier Student Invites Special Guest to Terry Fox Run

This summer, while riding the ferry back to Vancouver, Grade 1 graduate Gabriel McLellan met a very special person, Judi Fox-Alder, International Director of The Terry Fox Foundation and Terry Fox's sister.

"I don't often tell people who I am when I am out and about, but Gabriel came up with his mom and was patting my dog. He was so sweet," says Fox-Alder. "He was so surprised when I said who my brother was."

letterLater in the summer, Gabriel wrote a letter to Judi asking if she would be able to attend Laurier Elementary School's annual Terry Fox Run.

"I was so touched and it just happened that my calendar was open!" she says.

Last week, Laurier held their Terry Fox Run. Laurier Principal Risha Golby addressed the school at the assembly and welcomed Judi to the school. "We're very honoured to have Judi here today, and so proud of Gabriel," says Golby. "It shows that trying something, even if it's something that most people would laugh at and say 'no way is that going to work', if you try --- just like Terry Fox, you never know what can happen."

Students at Laurier spent the week prior to the run learning about Terry Fox and his legacy, and raising money for the Terry Fox Foundation and cancer research. This year the school raised $742.15.

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