Cause We Care Foundation Supports Programs for Vulnerable Students

After recent successful fundraising efforts Cause We Care Foundation (CWC) has pledged $251,475 to four Vancouver schools, which will support the Kids First and/or KidsSafe programs after-school programs over the next three years.

"At Cause We Care Foundation we have expanded our mandate from providing essential supplies through our hamper drives and subsidized housing through YWCA Cause We Care House to after-school care," says Andrea Thomas Hill, Founder and Chair of CWC. "After school care programs support single mothers who may not be able to leave work to pick up their child at 3pm and it also assists children in need, regardless of whom their parents are. Our goal is to ensure every inner city school in Vancouver has adequate funding to execute programs that offer this kind of support and to be able to expand our fundraising efforts to provide the much-needed financial support to make this goal a reality."

There are currently 18 schools in Metro Vancouver who are designated to receive 'enhanced services' in support of students who, with their families, live below the poverty line: most live in single-parent families with their mothers.'  

The KidsSafe program helps mothers and children in need in our community by providing valuable academic, social, and emotional support, as well as nutritional snacks in a safe and welcoming environment.

CwC chequeAt Hastings Elementary, Kids First is one of the school's most successful programs for vulnerable students. Each day, nearly 100 students participate in the program after school, which provides snacks, homework support and supervised physical activity for close to 100 children.

"Kids First makes a crucial and fundamental difference to our student's lives," says Dawn Sadler principal at Thunderbird Elementary. "It's a safe place to be after school where at-risk children can get homework support, healthy food and social and emotional support from caring adults and friends. This program has a real and positive impact on their lives at home and at school."

Cause We Care is a Vancouver-based registered charity, founded to assist local, single mothers and their children in need. To learn more go to: www.causewecare.org

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