District Staff Come Together in Support of United Way

Since 1991, The Vancouver School District has been running a campaign in support of The United Way and annually raises approximately $40,000 through events and VSB employees making pledges through payroll. To date district staff and schools have raised over $1.5 million for the community. 

Donations by staff have helped to support programs that make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families. The Vancouver School District has also benefited from United Way funds, which support initiatives and programs for our students. The United Way supports healthy, caring, and inclusive communities.

The three pillars of the United Way campaign this year are:

1. Poverty to possibility

2.  All that kids can be

3.  Strong communities

In Vancouver, the United Way specifically supports a range of activities organized and supported by our Community Schools Teams, which directly impact our students. http://www.vsb.bc.ca/communityschoolteams.  

The annual United Way events have also provided an opportunity to bring employees together, which is important for creating a healthy and supportive culture.

This year's campaign will run from November 18th - December 31st, and kicked off with the annual Pancake Breakfast (November 18th) held in the cafeteria at the Board Office. This year's Pancake Breakfast event raised an impressive $3383.

Coming up, the annual barbecue to be held at the District Workshop is on Friday, December 4th, and the annual IUOE breakfast will be on December 30th at Churchill Secondary. In addition, both of the administrators' associations will be running their own events (VASSA, Thursday, November 19th and VEPVPA Thursday, November 26th).  

For more information on the United Way Campaign: http://www.uwlm.ca/about-us/

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