Selkirk Volleyball Teams Participate in Game with Vancouver Police Department

Five of Selkirk Elementary's eight Gr. 6 and 7 volleyball teams participated in an early December series of games against members of the Vancouver Police Department. 

The boys' and girls' teams performed amazingly, and the police officers commented on the teamwork, positive attitude, and overall skill of the Selkirk student teams. 

vpd volleyball at selkirk
Over 100 students, staff and parents came out to watch the noon-hour games, and everyone enjoyed the action with a constant eruption of cheers and overall positive energy. 

This is the fourth year that Selkirk students and the VPD have come together in sport, with the events organized by physical education teacher Terry Johnston. 

"It's inspirational to see the positive energy, the teamwork, and the overall community feel of this event," said Selkirk Vice Principal Doug Roch. "This was great preparation for the league, with our Principal Darrell Cavanagh playing an excellent game alongside our police officer team, and really challenging our teams. Everyone enjoyed the event, and it was great practice for the students, who form some of the best volleyball teams in the district."

girls volleyball selkirk

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