VSB crews help save classroom salmon

For Anthony Kwon's team of movers - furniture is the norm.  Based at the VSB workshop they have moved countless piano's, many stages for Christmas concerts, and thousands and thousands (and thousands) of chairs and tables!  You would think they had done it all - until recently at Jamieson elementary.

Over spring break, there was an extended electrical power outage at Jamieson for a BC Hydro service upgrade.  For Beverly Grant - grade 1 teacher, losing power would mean her Salmon fry would perish.  For 18 years, Beverly has hatched Salmon eggs in an aquarium in her classroom.  First as incubating eggs, then as alevin (yolk sac stage) then as feeding fry, her students have observed up-close the beginnings of these amazing creatures that are so much a part of our history and environment here in BC.

At this stage the fish are delicate and disruptions to their gravel beds or water temperature could be dangerous.  An aquarium is a precarious item to move - water and fish potentially sloshing around.  But with the greatest of care Anthony's team moved the aquarium off-site for the power outage, and then returned it after. And not a single fry was lost!   A big thanks to Anthony's team for their delicate efforts to help out this teacher and her classroom.

Late in April Beverly's classroom will make a field trip to Stanley Park to release the fry into a local stream for them to begin their amazing life journey.  To learn more, resources are available through the "Salmonids in the Classroom" program of the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans program at:  www.salmonidsintheclassroom.ca


[picture above:  Jamieson Elementary Grade 1 students welcome the VSB movers and salmon fry back to the classroom]

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