Master Carver Xwalacktun at Elsie Roy

Recently, students and staff at Elsie Roy Elementary had the opportunity to come together and create a piece of signature First Nations' art for their school.

As a part of her visioning process for Elsie Roy Elementary, Principal Jenny Chin Peterson brought in master carver Xwalacktun (Rick) Harry, who worked with every single student and staff member to create a beautiful carving of orcas for the school entrance way.

Students submitted drawings of what their school community means to them, and Xwalacktun worked to incorporate their ideas of inclusivity, connectedness and community into the carving.

The carving depicts a male and female orca around two younger orcas, and now that the carving has taken place Xwalacktun will finish the piece in his workshop. Soon it will hang in the foyer of Elsie Roy Elementary for the school community to enjoy.

Click on the image below to Check out our Flickr album for more photos.

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